For 52 years United Way of Webster and Dudley has made the commitment to improve the lives of people in our community. 
We continue this commitment with help from 17 partnering agencies that work with our local residents to maintain a strong family, healthy lifestyle 
and a positive outlook for the future of our children. 

Our Board of Directors is a dedicated group that not only raises money for our local community but also provides their expertise and time in order to make a difference.  It takes the entire community of  Webster Dudley to support our mission, which is to enhance the organized capacity of people to care for one another.  We are focused on three primary goals- Income, Education and Health. The agencies we partner with provide support in times of need, guide each and every person toward a goal and continue to offer health and human service support to improve the quality of life for those in our community. 

As we roll into our 52th year of service, we are proud to say “we have made a difference in many people’s lives for so many years. The accomplishment our United Way has achieved is tremendous, we could not do it without your help.  Each and every one of you in our community is the backbone of our success. 

Our motto “Live United” provided us all the opportunity to join hands, open your hearts, lend your muscle and find your voice.

Our Directors review all requests from 501C3 charities serving our community with great diligence. All of our wonderful funded partners are required to submit extensive financial statements as well as other pertinent information so that we are certain donor dollars are being invested wisely and having the greatest impact.

Why should you donate to the United Way of Webster Dudley? Because you have the power to help change someone’s life. Please take a minute and look at the info inside about what your gifts provide. This could be a friend, neighbor or co-worker near you. Sadly, almost one third of Webster and Dudley residents are reaching out to one of our seventeen funded partners every year. People are in trouble out there and they need our help.

Please reach out a hand to one and influence the condition of all. Think of we before me. Together we really are making a difference. Thanks again for your support!

Bill Keefe                                                      Janet Scheffler

President Board of Directors                      Executive Director


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About Us


Our United Way is a separate entity from United Way                  

Worldwide. It is governed by a board of local volunteers. Of every dollar raised through our campaign, less than 1% is   directed toward United Way Woldwide, which then provides  us with advertising, professional support and training.              Volunteers who care from all parts of this community make     sure that your gift to the United Way of Webster Dudley, Inc.
goes to services which best aid people here. 

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United Way of Webster Dudley
275 Main Street * PO Box 636
Webster, MA 01570

Janet Scheffler
Executive Director

office: 508-943-7500

EIN: 04-2380352

2017-2018 Officers

President - Bill Keefe
Vice President - Jody Marotta
Second Vice - President Andrew Cronauer
Treasurer - Tami Germain

Assistant Treasurer - Brian Perry 
Secretary - Janet Scheffler



Jane Bania

Megan Barnes 

James Beaudry 

Timothy Bent 

Stephanie Chitester 

Benjamin Craver 

Andrew Cronauer* 

Donald Doyle 

Robin Frye

Tami Germain* 

Denise Gorski 

Michael Jalbert

Bill Keefe*

Roland Malboeuf 

Jody Marotta* 

Robert McKenna 

Joyce Mezzoni 

Iwona Miller



Deanna Mills

Lorraine Ostrokolowicz

Evelyn Pappas

Sam Pappas

Brian Perry*

Diane Perry

Hank Pinkowski

Erin Pratt

Brian Ravenelle

Edward Ruggeri

Janet Scheffler*

Michael Spahl

Brenda Sullivan

Byron Titus

Charles Wilson

Steven Wojnar

Susan West Engelkemeyer

Nancie Zecco

*Denotes officers